As we progress to the final seasons of 2011, I recognize that technology is such an integral part of our lives. As a business owner and a Realtor staying current with various trends will make a difference between “Strong Online Property Marketing” vs “Lengthy Market Time”. – not an option!

I learned today from a friend / client that Google had made some new changes regarding reviews, and that my Yelp reviews may not been as google friendly as they were a week ago.  (but we still thank you for reviewing us – and please continue)  This of course doesn’t apply to our marketing, however google’s quick algorithmic changes do.

One of our strongest partners besides, Trulia and has been a platform called  This platform allows us to post, distribute and publish property flyers globally. Upon entry, Vflyer distributes our listings by publishing the flyers in many local classified websites where home buyers go to search for homes.  {way too many to name, but many}

Buyers can quickly find your home, view pictures and information, share it with friends, and most importantly: Contact us to view the home!  We have been paying close attention to the visibility of our flyers to ensure they are staying google+friendly, socially visible and effective.

By the way, not sure if you’ve noticed but has gotten a small face lift. We’ve received some requests from easy-to-connect-with-social-media to quick navigation, (more funny stories and more posts relevant to the future real estate forecast). We hear you loud and clear.

Please let us know what you think, what else we can do to improve, and if we should know about other new technology, please share it!  It may help sell a friend’s home one day ;o)


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