We have been blessed to have worked with so many wonderful clients, and been apart of many memorable home buying and selling experiences. Good or bad, we would appreciate you sharing your experience while working with Four Daughters Real Estate to give our future clients a sense of comfort on how we work and who we are.

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  1. The service and personal attention I received from Mario was exceptional and unexpected! He walked me through the entire process providing sound and honest advice. He is very caring, personable, and has a professional attitude mixed with a great sense of humor. He is also very patient, organized and knowledgeable in his field. It was his knowledge of the local market, key contacts and impeccable communication that helped in the quick sale of my property.

    Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Mario to help you in this life changing move. I could not have asked for a better realtor.

    Thank you Mario!


  2. We met Mario back in December of 2010 when we decided to start our home search. Not sure of how we were going to find time to look due to a new baby and a crazy work schedule, Mario was able to accommodate us on our one full day we had available to look. Our home search was in south west suburbs and no matter what the weather was like Mario was always by our side. He listened to what our wants and needs were and took us to as many homes as we wanted to see. He even made the commute last minute at night if we found a home we wanted to see right away. Our search went on for four months and Mario didn’t lose faith that we would find our home. In April we found the home we were looking for and we owe it to Mario and all is efforts.

    We highly recommend Mario and appreciate everything he did for us! If it wasn’t for him we might still be renting. He kept our spirits high and that gave us the motivation to keep looking. Thank you for all you did!


  3. I met Mario while reading at a local Caribou Coffee shop a few years ago. He took an interest in the book I was reading and introduced himself to me, followed by more than an hour of great conversation about business, recreation and the community. I don’t think I even knew he was a Realtor until we exchanged cards before leaving. Mario is a first class professional, and has become one of my close friends. He has helped my wife and I look for and find a home, as well as for my brother and his wife, and several other close friends, who’ve all raved about working with him. As someone who has been working in and around the mortgage and real estate industry for the past 7 years, I have met and gotten to know hundreds of real estate agents, and therefore have a large pool of professionals to choose from for my personal real estate needs. But as long as I am living in the Chicagoland area, Mario will continue to be my Realtor of first choice. We have enjoyed the company of his wife and kids, as well. He is also a devout family man with great integrity in all areas. Not to mention that his sense of humor and positive attitude make the whole experience even better. Any Realtor who never shows impatience after showing more than 50 properties is an allstar in my book! He never once was pushy with us to choose something that wasn’t ideal for us. Two thumbs up!


  4. I am writing on behalf of my entire family for we have all had the opportunity to work with Four Daughters Real Estate. My mother was the first to meet Mario Bilotas, followed by my uncle, grandparents, my brother and now my wife and I. It is difficult to put my finger on one specific quality that makes this company great. I will always be debating between the following two:

    Expertise with a ‘twist’:

    The people at Four Daughters Real Estate know the ins and outs of this business, all of them. But so do many realtors, I imagine. What truly sets Mario and his team apart is what makes them a real asset for whoever is fortunate enough to work with them; it is also where the ‘twist’ comes in. They will give the buyer or seller a true perspective of the business scenario. They know precisely what the average person will miss when they see a Real Estate deal and they advise to offset that disadvantage. They do this in such a way as to allow the buyer or seller to make their own decisions, but do so in a truly informed manner. In many ways, the client benefits free of charge from the extensive experience of the people at Four Daughters Real Estate. Why they do this, I asked myself many times. After 10 years in which my whole family has worked with this company because it has been and continues to be profitable, I came to this answer. The people at Four Daughters Real estate understand that they benefit most only when their customers benefits most. That is because a satisfied customer will always come back with more business opportunity. That is precisely why I came to even write this memo; because my brother, and before that my grandparents, my uncle and my mother were all extremely pleased with Four Daughters Real Estate.

    Beyond the Purchase:

    People do not buy or sell Real Estate often, although my family seems to be an exception. Regardless, Mario and his team have the knowhow and are willing to advise on most problems that might come up. Taxes, mortgage, tenants and their rights are just some of the issues we have received help with. For example, 3 weeks ago Mario advised me on dealing with my flooded basement.

    Above is a very brief summary of the quality of service this company provides. In conclusion I want to say that Four Daughters real estate was directly involved in the following transactions: purchasing the house we live in; purchasing our investment property; renting out our investment property; purchasing my brothers investment properties and renting them out; purchasing my uncles home; purchasing my parents home and selling the house I grew up in. In our experience, only two Real Estate companies exist out there, Four Daughters and the rest.


  5. I can speak to Mario’s professionalism from a client’s point of view, and as a colleague.

    I first met Mario years ago, before he became a Realtor. Mario and his wife came to me for a mortgage when they purchased their first house. Shortly after that, we ran into each other, and he had just gotten his real estate license, so i have know him literally since the beginning. Since then I have referred Mario many of my clients. I would not risk my business on just any Realtor, and I can honestly say that every single client I have referred Mario to has been beyond satisfied. The professionalism that he shows from a business stand point is top notch, always returning phone calls and having answers to questions that need to be answered. Mario has always kept the best interest of his clients at heart. Other Realtors are more concerned with just getting the deal closed and getting paid while Mario understands that peoples happiness is the important part.

    He definitely enjoys seeing the smile on their faces when he finds them their dream house. I know this because my wife and I recently purchased our second home and in both cases we worked with Mario. To begin with, his attention to our happiness and satisfaction is what we like. On top of that his professionalism and attention to detail with all of the little things that I, as a buyer, would never think of, is great.

    I can honestly say that I know many, many Realtors and I would not dream of sending my clients to anyone else and it goes with out saying that when I purchase a new property myself, I will be using Mario and Four Daughters Real Estate.


  6. My search took place 6 years ago, when I was referred to Mario from a DePaul Business School buddy who raved about his Realtor. From the day one, the entire house hunting experience was tailored to my every need—from setting up meetings close to where I worked, to picking me up in the Four Daughters Mobile (at the time, an A-team-esque big black Suburban) to setting viewings in the evenings and weekends. Within a couple of fast months, I had found the home of my dreams where I still live today.

    By all means, there is no shortage of Realtors in Chicago. However, I think we can all agree that there is a drought of customer service. Mario and his team craft a custom real estate experience because they care more about your satisfaction than closing a deal. Mario is the antithesis of the used car salesman in the plaid jacket that’s dying to pocket your money and send you home in a clunker! He’s pretty much one of the most honest, genuine and hard working people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting—and he happens to be damn good at his job. So if you’re in the market, do yourself a favor and use Four Daughters Real Estate.


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