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Donate $1++ and I will Shave My Head and Quit Smoking on 3/11/11

On March 11th as part of the Super Jack Team I will be SHAVING MY HEAD to honor the bravery and resilience of 5-year-old SUPER JACK, as well as his Mom (Vicki), Dad (John) and Sister (McKenzie).

In order to fully support the fight against cancer, after 21 years of smoking, on this day, I WILL BECOME AN EX-SMOKER.

In order to help support Jack and his family I wouLD like to reach out to you for a nominal donation.

Please click on the image below or DONATE HERE and help me help the Czapla’s. Even just $1 dollar will make a difference.

Thank you and God Bless!


7 thoughts on “Donate $1++ and I will Shave My Head and Quit Smoking on 3/11/11

  1. Just donated! If you need strength during quitting time, let me know, im 15 years cold turkey brutha! Good Luck and GREAT CAUSE!

    – Sandee


  2. I am very proud of you Mariusz, I quit smoking when my best friend had cancer 13 years ago. She is doing well and I didn’t have even one cigarette since.

    Love you


    1. Susan – thank you! thank you! thank you! There is a major difference between supporting words and supportive action. You gave both and I am touched.



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