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My Valentine’s Day Yikes.

I heard foot steps coming down the stairs this morning, thumping in excitement, and as I looked up from doing my morning work out, Kelly (7) comes around the corner: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad”, and gives me a hug.

2 minutes later more foot steps follow and Katie (8) runs in half asleep, wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day as well. Meanwhile, my older girls Kristine (16) and Kristina (17) focused on their morning preparations welcome me with half-grinned dirty look for merely suggesting this is a holiday worth celebrating.

Over the weekend we chatted with the older girls about their V-Day opinions, one acting like it’s a formality while the other pinning this day as some cliché excuse to be nice to someone.


Although I am not ready to pull over at the gas station flower and teddy bear vendor, I can’t help to recognize that V-Day may be a reminder of 364 days of  “too busy”, “too tired” and “unromantic”.  Why is it that we are willing to work 40-80 hrs per week to attain THINGS, but are too exhausted and possibly unenthused about something so powerful, and free as love.

One of the things the down turn in the economy has taught me to really respect, is that a house is not a home, and as long as our family is healthy and together, everything else is just “stuff”.  As a Realtor I have found myself advising people to seek balance in what they want and what they need, to ensure that what they want doesn’t overpower their quality of life.

As a husband and father, there is much room for improvement.

On this Valentine’s Day, I wish you and your loved ones a free, yet priceless, gift of time together, hugs, giggles and closeness.