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…the Police just called.

Yesterday was one of those SUPER productive days where you look back and say…”That was a super productive day!’

Got up to run at about 5:30am (ish) with a good friend, tackled 3.5 miles of concrete through darkness of the Palatine streets. Got back, stretched, ate breakfast, and started to work on getting the little ones ready for school.

Lunch! -check

Shoes! – check

Hair, backpacks, those stretchy rubber band animal shaped thingies on each hand and fingers – check!

…and off to school, then to the city for an appointment to show a condo in Norwood Park. Had a 9am deadline for an offer on a property, follow up on offer of another….everything is happening at the same time, and I like it!

The day continues with more meetings, showings, and follow ups with some less then motivated listing agents (grrrrrrrrrrrr).

2:30pm – had a great meeting with a couple of guys regarding some new marketing initiatives. Meeting went well, more follow up on offers, and by 6pm destination was to get off 53 clobbered in orange and white cones covering the expressway (or the lazy river of wrackles drivers attempting the same feat.)

Laura calls to pick up dinner (…and make it) – her day was hectic and needed help. As I stood in the isles of groceries I decided on some Japanese noodles, sesame chicken with soy base and peanuts. Ran home, fired up the oven, all burners on, when suddenly the phone rings

….RING….RING  (its set to the “older phone” sound, so literally:) RING….

“This is Sargeant K….. of the xyz Police Department”

“Yes ?!?” – thinking this may be a joke

“Are you the owner of xyz property?” – he said politely?

“I am the Realtor managing the home” – I replied (with confusion)

“It appears the home has been recently turned into a party house by 4 boys ages 16-17. ”

WHAT?!?! I’m thinking to myself. I was just at the home a week ago and it was crispy and clean (and @ a very good price, might I add) – “You’re kidding me…” I replied

“The boys were trying to sneak out the 2nd floor balcony when we arrived. One of the neighbors called us when they saw a young man hanging out around the house with the lights off. They have been smoking pot, and drinking. ”

I’m like….That is Crazy – “How did they get in?”

“They got a key from XYZ person. We are taking them to the station, would you like to press charges?”

In case you forgot about dinner simmering into a mush of yukky yuk, I did too. My wife is giving me the “What tha!”-look as I continue with the call.  After contacting the home owners and having them discuss things with the Police, I planned to go over to the home to make sure everything is okay. 

Finish Dinner – check!

(Inhale contents of food look-alikes) – check!

Convince my wife to join me to check out the crime scene. – check!

The home was fine, just needed some clean up and airing out.  Thank you to the neighbor who called the Police. Never a dull moment.


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