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Four Daughters RE-Member of the Wedding Wire Network

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Four Daughters Real Estate is pleased to announce our membership as an Approved Vendor of the Wedding Wire Network, a comprehensive platform helping Soon To Be Wed in planning their special day, and beyond.

Well, planning the most amazing day of your life is so gratifying, but also a lot of work. I know because my wife and I decided to go from Engaged to Vows in 6 months, and with two little ones at that (we were single parents when we met) which made for an ambitious plan.

From our spontaneous (I planned ;o) engagement in Manhattan to our wedding in Chicago, we needed to plan smart, and stay way ahead of the schedule. These plans also needed to include the honeymoon, and the blending of our new family under one roof, in our new home.

What helped us through the process, and still does to this day, was surrounding ourselves with kind and knowledgeable professionals that were able to give us the foresight to prepare ahead.

Since 2001 Four Daughters Real Estate has had the pleasure of guiding newly wed couples to the next logical transition in their life, which is getting out of your parent’s house and under one cozy roof. Our full service offering caters to your needs by getting to know your hopes and wants, ensuring your new home will not hurt you financially, and give you all the tools to make the right decisions, at your pace. For over 9 years we have worked with Newly Weds to help find their new home, and by becoming an Approved Vendor for the Wedding Wire Network we are beginning to reconnect with the once newly weds, now Married Couples.

If you find us in the Wedding Wire Network and have worked with us previously, please let other couples know about your experience. (Thank you in advance).

If you have any questions, please call (847) 886-HOME or Email us, and we will answer all of your important questions.


One thought on “Four Daughters RE-Member of the Wedding Wire Network

  1. I am a professional photographer who signed up with Wedding Wire months ago, and I am yet to receive a call. I am wondering if I got suckered in by this slick sales lady. Perhaps people did visit my website and they just didn’t like it, not sure, however, I have no way to find out if anyone using Wedding Wire actually went to my website.


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