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May 27th, Day of Judgement and Celebration

My travels took me to Chicago, as I joined a Short Sale client to their first court session in accordance with the bank lawsuit to collect delinquent debt.  While the Daley Plaza was filled with vendors and visitors celebrating the Chicago Turkish Festival (Link ) we made our way through the crowds, as at 1:30 in room 2806 of the Daley Center, court was scheduled.

Through the heavily guarded gates we took an elevator to the 28th floor, and entered a court room filled with many young lawyers and people awaiting the Judge’s arrival.  Within a few minutes, Honorable Judge .. entered the court room and the anticipation grew. With every name called it was a learning experience as to what folks facing foreclosure could expect. This being the 1st Case Review for my client, we didn’t know what to expect, and as we sat there our comfort grew. The Judge was kind and a peaceful man, with the ability to explain what things meant, where you are in the case, and what to anticipate next.  Some people were receiving their final judgement, and some, like us, we’re in the interim of a short sale or loan modification.

For 45 minutes each case we heard ended with:

You have some time, do what you can, good luck.

Maybe not the most constructive of statements, however for the folks enduring foreclosure and fear of home loss, such a statement coming from a Judge of the Chancery Division, it meant a lot.  Once my client’s name was called, in a patient and understanding voice, the Judge addressed us, explained where we are in the process, and assured us that there is time, we will be notified from the bank of our next court date, and no court date had been scheduled at this time.  This gave my client a feeling of some breathing room.

As we left the court room, and made our way through the festival, there was a feeling of subtle ease, like we could take our time getting back to our cars, not running. When my clients are faced with these situations, the amount of mail that arrives each and every day makes one feel like something horrific is coming and you must run to get anything done.

This felt like a breather.

I think every Realtor should go through the experience, at least once, to better understand the emotional and factual steps in a distress sale. It is a learning experience, like no other.

Later that evening, we regrouped as a family to celebrate my oldest daughters 17th Birthday. (Whoa…) That just sounds crazy to me. They may be Four Daughters, but to me, they’re just Four Little Girls.  Happy Birthday Kristina!