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A Censored ….Showing

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As Realtors we seldom have predictions as to what awaits us beyond the front door.

You take all the necessary steps to schedule the appointment, gain seller permission to view the home, update key card info to unlock the front door, and when you walk in, you can fully absorb the updated kitchen, the nice open layout, and … a half-naked woman asleep on the deck, sunbathing ?!?

This was our second showing so we were familiar with the home, however the new addition was a surprise. Before my clients followed me toward the back of the home I suggested we should exit for a minute,  to not startle the lady. We called the office and they were like. “….hmm…you should be just fine, sellers aren’t home, they said please show.”

I’m like…”are you sure no one is home? because we have a car in the driveway, I hear the alarm is beeping, and well,

someone is crashed out in the back…” – I sparred them the details.

“….there is?”…

During this time the alarm in the home was doing one of those low battery sounds. I thought it may be a good idea for the office to call again and have them check on it…hoping the office would be calling the lady inside (to wake her ;o)

Suddenly another neighbor is running over towards me to come help with the alarm, unaware of the sleeping sunbather. I didn’t want to make a big deal, to avoid embarrassing the house guest, and diminish our amusement of the whole situation…as we approach the front door, our sunbather comes out to apologize.

I have to admit I felt bad for her, but my clients wanted to see the home for the 2nd time, and some situations are simply unpredictable.

(In case you’re wondering if the experience affected my clients decision on purchasing the home? If anything, it will help them remember the home longer. However, they were deciding between 2, and this one is nicer, but simply too far away from work.  There you go!)