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Buy a Home, Sell a Home, How to 10 Steps Buy & Sell

  1. What is the value of your home > (Get Free CMA from a Real Estate Agent). Will the sales price cover the payoff of the loans, commissions, taxes and closing cost expenses? Have enough money for a new home?  If numbers make sense > #2
  1. Get pre-approved > Determine if you qualify for the new home and understand your monthly budget!!! > #3
  1. Start preparing the home for sale >>#4
  1. View Homes (via MLS) to make sure you like what your money buys you >>#5
  1. Get the house listed for sale and keep looking at new home options >#6
  1. Review offers and upon wanting to accept one, begin to solidify your new home by making offers / negotiations contingent upon the closing of your old home > #7
  1. Inspect: While the buyer of your home is scheduling a home inspection you are inspecting your new home too. The attorney and inspection periods overlap on the sale and purchase > #8
  1. $$$ – You work with your lender on your new mortgage, while the buyer of your home is doing the same (start packing)  > #9
  1. 30+/- days later the closing is scheduled for the sale of your home. Finish packing the truck and later that day close on your new home. (or rent back old home then move after closing) > #10
  1. You move into your new home and create loads of exciting new memories.

*No two scenarios are exactly the same. Please consult a licensed agent to ensure home selling/buying is right for you. If you are currently working with a Broker, please disregard.  Thank you, an Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker, Palatine, Illinois.