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The Sad Reality of Home Loss

Being on the Buyer’s side of the business I see a wide range of “real life” circumstances. Some happy, some sad, and some simply angry. I try not to spend too much time in front of CNN or the evening news as the horror of daily events wears on you after a while and maintaining a positive attitude is key when you work in an unbalanced industry.  Home buyers today, depending on their price point, walk in and out of homes which have been abandoned, uncared-for, water damaged, fire damaged or vandalized. 

Earlier today I got to experience that last one. A beautiful home, updated at one time, sitting on a cozy cul-de-sac location with the perfect yard, and the perfect location, with significant updates from the outside. Upon entry, however, the story changes.

Todays home owner is impacted by a constant roller coaster of challenges: Lower Home Values, Higher Taxes, Lower Employment Opportunities, Higher Daily Expenses, Lower Income, Rising Fuel and the list continues to bounce around like a ping-pong ball until it finally bounces off the table just as the hopes and patience of so many home owners today.

These homes present a good opportunity for many investors willing to bring the property to its previous condition, but it is hard to ignore the pain it took to get there. The sun is blocked by the plywood blocking the doors and windows. Home, stripped of all belongings, appliances and you can rest assured, there are no fresh-baked cookies either.